How to Block Google Chat in a PC or on Entire Office Network

Chatting no matter how much fun it is sometimes is very distracting. Blocking Google chat and Google talk becomes a necessity sometimes to make yourself more focused and keep yourself shielded from distractions. Some office environments keep instant messengers like Gtalk, Yahoo and AIM etc blocked all the time to stop employees from wasting office hours.

This easy trick will help you block Google talk client as well as Google chat in browser using DNS. Now there are many other and far more stringent ways to block Gtalk in office environment. This hack will get the job done on individual computers without messing with routers, squid, firewall configurations.

Blocking Google Talk and Chat

Go to your Windows system32 folder. Typically it is located under


Locate hosts file there. Open it with a text editor like notepad.. and add the following entries

How to Block Google Chat in a PC or on Entire Office Network hosts file blocking google chat,  in the file with block Google talk desktop client while will prevent chat from appearing in Gmail. will prevent iGoogle chat gadget.

Google also has an important thread on disabling chat access in the entire network here –

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